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PiMPiN    0

Hey all, I need a little advice on setting up my wireless router to act as my Access Point for sharing my Internet Connection. Here's the tricky part... Currently I get my Internet thru my downstairs neighbour using a Wireless USB adapter. In a perfect world, I would have this active Wireless connection and with my router acting as the AP, the Router would look to this Wireless USB adapter for its Internet Connection. With this properly setup, the Router would allow all of my other Wifi-Enabled devices to connect to it, and have Internet Access. Does that make sense?

I have it currently working, utilizing the Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter and various netsh commands, but I find this a little too taxing on the Wifi Adapter. Same thing with SoftAP apps like Connectify and the like (which always causes my PC to freeze). DOS-based commands are always better anyway :-P

When I follow the directions in the User Manual for both Routers below, I can never get the AP mode to work properly. It just will not allow me to connect to the IP that I set for the Router AP, it just gives me the usual 169.254 BS. That's my real problem.

Here's a little "diagram" if you will.....

Internet Access:

Realtek RTL8192CU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adapter -

Windows 7 Desktop:

VIA Rhine II Compatible Fast Ethernet Adapter - To Router (Hopefully providing Internet)

Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter - Does exactly what I want the hardware to do

And for Routers, I have two to choose from, but the N1 would be best.

Belkin N1 Wireless Router Model: F5D8231-4 v4

Belkin N Wireless Router Model: F5D8236-4 v2

I hope someone can make sense of my rambling. I've been at this for days and it's late here, hehe. Thanks for any help or insight anyone might provide.

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PiMPiN    0

it's kinda working now. My PS3 connected to the router thru wifi and it's online. Still can't login from desktop tho for some reason.....

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