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MySQL Database Move

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Sikh    192

I'm trying to move some big production databases from mysql server 5.0.51b to the latest 5.5 release.

I properly dumped the databases on the old server and I moved then to the new server. Every time I run "mysql -u root -p (database) < (database_SQL.sql)"

It gives me an error saying its at line 1. Line 1 is the dump information from the old server. I'll remove it and then it says "can't create table blah blah blah".

What do I do!? This has been driving me crazy at work. Good thing is we are moving to a new server. So if I can't get it today I'll be able to throw up the old machine but bad thing is its been the biggest bottleneck in our network. Finally got a machine specd out perfectly for a replacement and now mysqls being a bitch.

Any help is appreciated guys.



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Faks    1

first of all what error exactly appears !

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