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Access To Mars - a blueprint for settlement

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Intersect    231

this is just a testing ground to send the terrorists to isnt it lol

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neoadorable    405

Thanks so much for this Doc, I owe you big time! this is an amazing presentation that speaks the truth! I was literally moved, and i'm only on page three. Will read the entire thing but at over 100 pages it might take a while, might serve as good reading material on an actual flight to Mars.

This really make me cry like a baby with joy, i'm proud to be human when I read stuff like this.

Also, this part is so true. This is why the Apollo missions were a failure. Not the ****ing Van Allen belts:

Rational for avoiding ?

Flags and Footprints? Missions


F&F is a dead end road. If you build a "flags and footprints"

(non-re-usable) architecture, then all you will get is a short series of

flags and footprints missions. Period. This path is not sustainable

due to the continuing high cost of building replacement vehicles.


There could be a very long gap afterward before Human

Mars exploration is resumed, just like the one after Apollo.


This creates a risk of loss of public interest and support

similar to the post-Apollo period.


It creates no Mars infrastructure usable for future missions.


It is inefficient and produces relatively few scientific results

for the money spent.


(The most important Mars Direct Concepts ? such as

equipment pre-positioning and using local materials - are

very useful

for many kinds of missions).

Thanks Doc!

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