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Undo Sync

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Manson_AAN    0


Is there any way to undo a syncronisation of mobile phone contacts in outlook.com or a windows phone?

I plugged an ipad into my PC which had contact files that was dated back last year. For some reason, despite checking the box that prevents syncronization, my ipad syncronised the old contacts right onto my outlook. For some reason the timestamps did not come into play and it replaced all of my up-to-date contacts with out-of-date data from the ipad. Funnily enough, since it synced with outlook, it also synced with my windows phone. So now I have outdated contacts across all my devices thanks to a software bug or something.

Is there anyway to undo the syncronization or recover and old sync?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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articuno1au    1,264

All I can suggest is contacting hotmail support.

I don't know beyond that >.>

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