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Questions about Indigo Xtreme and CPU burn-in/reflow

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Cyber Akuma    1

Planning to build an i7 Ivy-Bridge rig, and I want to go with an Indigo Xtreme for the cooling compound.

Never done one of these before, so I tried to look at some videos, and I am still confused.

Do you just leave all that plastic on other than the top cover you peel off after putting on the heat sink?

And the packet just has a square-U shaped bit of the liquid metal in one corner, how would I put the heatsink on evenly like that?

Do I have to worry about it leaking off the edges?

Is it really safe to run the cpu at full load on all cores with NO fans running? Won't not having the heatsink fan running risk damaging the CPU?

How long do I have to do the burn-in? How will I know when its done?

And finally, all the burn-in videos showed them using a Windows app. Since this will be a new build, I won't have an OS installed in order to do that, are there any live cds that can run all 8 cores of an i7 at full load for this? Especially if they can show load/temp statics while doing it?

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HawkMan    5,161

As for burn in, it's been nearly impossible to burn CPUs for many years now, they will automatically clock down when they get hot, untill they simply shut down.

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