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Neogamr Podcast Episode 34 - November 27th, 2012

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DirtyLarry    2,075

A little shameless promotion for those members who may not make it over to our sister site Neogamr.

After a few weeks on hiatus, the podcast is returning live tonight at 7PM (nothing like short notice :laugh: ), so please, give us a listen if you can.

If you cannot check it out Live, we do offer a stream of the live show shortly after it is recorded.

Here is the article on Neogamr.

NeoGamr Podcast 34: Live tonight at 7 pm ET

Yes, after a several week hiatus, thanks in part to Hurricane Sandy, the NeoGamr Podcast is back for its 34th episode. John Callaham, Larry "DirtyLarry" Cooney and Tim Schiesser will be discussing the latest gaming news live tonight starting at 7 pm Eastern time. Feel free to chime in at any moment with your comments thanks to the Ustream Social Stream.

What will we talk about? It's a good bet that we will discuss what we have been playing in the last several weeks, including hopefully Larry's impressions of the new Wii U console. Indeed, we are still not sure about what we will exactly we will be talking about, but you can bet it will be interesting.

The live video podcast is scheduled to begin at 7 PM Eastern Time. You will be able to listen on the website at that time. Please be aware that this will be a live podcast so we might encounter some unexpected issues.

We look forward to hopefully having you listen in to John, Larry and Tim live later tonight. For those of you who can't make it, we will of course be recording the podcast and we will have it available for download, unedited, sometime later.

I can say from my side of things, I will without a doubt be discussing my very initial impressions of the WiiU, which I finally got this past Friday. (Y)

Thanks again for the support.

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jerzdawg    338

just listened to the first 25 minutes or so on my lunch. great podcast so far, great review of the Wii U by Larry... I'll finish up the rest tonight.

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