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LG Extravert : Queston about calling a number in a text message *fixed*

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Last night I upgraded my Verizon prepaid phone. I had a Samsung intensity III. Over all the phone was not THAT bad, but the phone did lag pretty bad. Setting up calendar events was also a pain the ass. So I upgraded to the LG Extravert. So far I LOVE this phone, it's fast and for a resistive touch screen it's pretty responsive.. except for one thing.

My voice mail server at home records the caller ID information from people who call my house and sends a text message to my phone. The text message also includes their phone. On EVERY phone I've EVER owned, I could open the text message, hit the call key twice and it would proceed to dial the number.

On the LG Extravert, when I open the text message and press the call button it shows me the phone number but nothing happens when I press the call key again. If I tap on the number the only options I get is to create a new text message or add it to my address book or update an existing contact with this new number. It's SUPER ANNOYING!!!

Does anyone here know of a setting in the phone I might be overlooking which might correct this?


*Updated* 10 mins later

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! i'm now TOTALLY in love with this phone. The phone just went from a 4 to a 5. I figured out the issue., When you open the text message, the phone number is underlined in the message itself. When you tap the underlined number, THEN you get an option to call it!

Hope this helps anyone else.

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