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CB Radio Weekends

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Gerowen    1,206

Anybody here use a CB radio at all? During daytime especially, sunlight and weather affects radio communications and causes what is referred to as "skip", where radio waves bounce around and allow you to temporarily communicate with people far outside the normal range of your radio. (I.E. Normal range for an un-amplified CB like mine is only about 20 miles on a good day in this area, and I was talking across the country to California earlier)

Anyway, if any of you have a CB that supports single side band, do you use it on the weekends regularly? I was just able to talk to a guy in southern California and a guy in Phoenix, AZ for a couple of minutes, and thought it might be cool to give a shout-out to some of the Neowin community if any of you use CB or amateur radio.

My handle is Retro, I live in eastern Kentucky, and generally I hang out on AM channel 3 or channel 1, although sometimes on the weekends I'll switch over from AM to low side-band and go to channel 38 to try and say hi to whoever can hear me around the country.

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