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My 16th birthday is coming on November 12th (2 weeks from yesterday, I think) which means one of our family's old cars is being passed down to me. It is a 1990 Toyota 4Runner (manual, V6, tan/brown). No need to comment on the car because that's what I'm getting and I don't have any choice about that.

As for the audio, however, the CD player currently in the car is broken. I am looking to get a new in-dash car cd player that will play MP3 CDs. I have looked into those in-dash units that actually have an onboard harddrive with maybe 10 or 20 gigs, but all of those look too expensive. The price range I am thinking is hopefully under $200.

If you want to know, the speakers in the car aren't all that great. I think I may add in some subwoofers or some other speakers in later on, but for now I just want to worry about the CD player.

Also, another thing to worry about is the installation. From what I've heard, these type of things aren't totally impossible to install by yourself, but I know absolutely nothing about car audio and my dad doesn't really know much more. Should I try to install it myself or should I through in some extra money to take it down to some dealership or something and have them put it in? I guess another option is that I have some friends that could probably do it, although I would rather do it myself before I let them mess with it.

Finally, I am not totally lazy. I have actually done some shopping on my own. So far, the best thing I can find is the Sony CDX-MP30 CD Receiver for Car Stereo:

Amazon.com link

Cheapest price I could find ($144.95)

All suggestions and comments are welcome! Thanks! :punk: :dj: :&:

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thanks for the info, BiGdUsTy

I just got back from the local car audio store and i learned some stuff and i've made some decisions and still have some more to make.

1. I dont plan on buying any of this stuff online. Though you can save some money, you take a lot of risk and you get really crappy or no warranty.

2. I'm probably going to go with an MP3 CD deck from Pioneer or Kenwood.

3. I'm probably going to spend somewhere around $200 or $250 on one of the lower (but not lowest) quality ones and then pay around $80 for professional installation. (The product will come with a 2 year warranty and the installation comes with lifetime warranty...plus they'll do it a lot better than I ever could myself).

So I still have some research to do. Look around the internet and stuff. I'll tell you guys how it turns out.

Thanks. :cool:

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I bought my Blaupunkt Honolulu NEW on eBay. Crutchfield wanted $269, plus $69 for the remote. I paid $169, including the remote. If you are willing to go with last year's model, then you can save a ton.

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Go with the pioneer...I love pioneer...

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well if you are looking for subs with big bass, i say go with alpine. actually even speakers they are awesome....and you can actually get an alpine deck that can do 25 watt rms, which is pretty nice seeing as how like every other deck does about 17.

so all in all alpine is always a good bet for car audio stuff.

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