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Recommend me a good joystick

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migo    106

So, I've got money right now in a way I've never had before, and I'd like to get back into playing Descent/Wing Commander once in a while (who knows, maybe some other games too?) and I'm definitely going to need a joystick for it.

Money is and isn't an object. I've got no hard cap, but I also don't want to spend a ton just because for something that only a hardcore Flight Sim fanatic would appreciate (as above, Descent & Wing Commander series, and of course Star Citizen when it comes out, I might get around to playing X2 or Evochron, and Freelancer is out - fun game once but replay value was crap).

My primary interest is having one that will last a long time, I really don't want to have to buy a new one in 6 months. Also, I've got fairly small hands (average hand guns are too big for me to comfortably hold), so nothing too hefty to go along with being solid.

There's probably some features that I will want but I don't know I'll want as I haven't had a joystick in a decade. The last one I had plugged into the Midi port.

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