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Instagram problem with tagging a friend

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lruggier    3

So I cannot tag my friend on instagram properly and its really annoying. ((it lets me tag her but her name doesnt come up when i start to write her username or name she has on there. i have to write it all out and then when i post the picture it somehow ends up tagging her.)

why doesnt her name come up when i start to write it like everyone elses?

When i type the @ sign and start typing her username it wont show up but all of my other friends do and i can tag them normally! we both tried un following and re following each other but it still wont work! whats wrong? what do we do?

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barbs03    0

Hey I had this problem today -_- BUT I think i found a solution. Go to your options, go to share settings, and connect to Facebook. 30 minutes later , all my friends' usernames popped up when I started typing :) Yes.. you have to have a Facebook in order for Instagram to work properly -_-

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