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I hate love adblocker

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Yorak    415

Unless you have a great amount of traffic on your website, you will not make enough money from the advertisements for them to be worthwhile. Honestly, depending on the type of site I was running, I would probably just have a donate option. That way people can donate what they want and when they want. In the end, if you have just moderate traffic, you will probably make more money that way than from annoying, intrusive and pointless advertisements.

Statistics for Ad Muncher v4.93.33707/4352

Adverts Removed: 48,667

Bandwidth Saved: 1,432 MB

Counter Started: October 4, 2012

Oh, and I was away from my desktop from travel for about two or three weeks total in that time or I would have had a good bit more removed.

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Guth    104

is ad muncher counting every single Ad view, or does it account for cached copies.

Everyone's stats seems a little high to me and I wonder if the program is counting every single view of an ad as xxKB.

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