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Wreck-it Ralph is doing phenomenally well for Walt Disney Animation Studios (not to be confused with Pixar). With an estimated budget of $165M, the film currently has a domestic total of $159.5M and international gross of $44M for a combined $203.5M. The film just recently opened in France and still has another 2-3 weeks in theaters to add to its total. In an interview with Moviehole, director Rich More and stars John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are confident that plans will move forward for a sequel.

Said Reilly, ?Some of the big muckety-muckets at the studio, who I just saw the other night, were like ?We?re talking sequel!? The movie made $150 million dollars in eleven days, it broke the box-office record for Disney animated movies on opening weekend. If that?s any indication that we?ll be doing a sequel? I bet we?ll be doing a sequel.?

Moore is also treating the prospect of a sequel as a forgone conclusion. ?At dinner last night we were already talking about?, he says, ?So we?re talking ?what could do they do? what kinda of things could happen? who could be in it? I love the group, I?d be crazy to ask someone else to take the reigns. We?ll really come up with something good for Mario to do [in the next film]?, says Moore. ?To be able to present him in the sequel, would be great?."


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