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Surface RT and Videos

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+chorpeac    30

So I am trying to get my videos to display in the xBox video player. I have the movies/videos stored on my 32gb SD chip. I can see them through the windows explorer and tap on them to play them fine.

However when i go into the xBox video player, they are not listed. I found out the video listing in the xBox player is tied to the Video Library. Since I was not seeing the videos listed in the video library, I figured something was wrong. I researched more and found the SD chips are not indexed or automatically included within the video libraries. However, there was a tutorial available that mapped the e:\ sd chip to a c:\directory on the Surface.


I followed this tutorial and at the completion of the directions, my videos were not showing up in the video library within windows explorer. GREAT! I thought. So I fired up the xBox video player app again, and sadly I didn't see the videos in the app.

Anyone know how to enable this? Am I missing something?

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BajiRav    2,137

your card has to be NTFS formatted, is it?

I saw somebody post it around here that the card needs to be NTFS in order for the libraries to index content.

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Dashel    542

Just wanted to say I put a SD in mine and can't believe they didn't think this out better. The very existence of this workaround is the pits, but that its so touchy is even more damning for normal users.

Surely WP8 handles it better than this (which should have been the model, not this desktop reliant one)

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