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WinPatrol 2013 v26.0.2013.0 Released

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WinPatrol 2013 v26.0.2013.0 Released

Date: December 10th, 2012

No question about it, Bill Pytylovany has done it again! Officially released is WinPatrol 2013, version 26.0.2013, which Bill has enhanced for Windows 8. It works with either Windows 8 or Windows 8 Professional. However, there (currently at least) is not an App for Windows RT so it will not work on Windows RT.

Although additional features specific to Windows 8 will be added to WinPatrol in the future, for people using Windows 8 who want to go directly to the desktop, you can use WinPatrol to easily make that happen. With File Explorer (explorer.exe) as a Start up Program will cause Windows 8 to switch to the desktop mode. To add explorer.exe (or other programs) to Start up is easy with WinPatrol:

Adding Programs to Start Up

Right-click Scotty in the system tray and click "Display Startup Info..." Accept the UAC prompt.

At the bottom of the Start up Programs tab, click the Add button

Navigate to the location of the program to be added, locate and highlight the .exe file and click Open (explorer.exe is located in the C:\Windows directory).

What's New?

Since before the release of Windows 8 Ive had more emails than you might think asking if WinPatrol was compatible with Windows 8. Like most existing programs, WinPatrol isnt available for Windows 8 RT but it has been running smoothly since early preview versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. There has been some confusion about security related programs so many WinPatrol early adopters have written to be sure were compatible.

WinPatrol has never worked like a traditional security application so it has been running fine on Windows 8 machines. Ive heard from folks with brand new computers saying Scotty has been very helpful removing unnecessary pre-installed crapware. Computer companies are paid to include software that runs on Startup. In many cases they are not full versions and often cause problems when they expire. These programs will appear in WinPatrols list of Startup Programs where PLUS members can verify their purpose. Once these programs are removed by WinPatrol your new computer will certainly start quicker and often run noticeably faster.

Naturally, we have tweaked a few things to make sure WinPatrol continues to work its best. Many changes are minor but required due to new Windows 8 conventions. One example is how cookies are stored by Internet Explorer 10. While Microsoft doesnt support or encourage 3rd party cookie managers, WinPatrol has been successful in helping remove unwanted tracking files.The cookie folder used to contain a file index.dat which Microsoft renamed to be container.dat. This broke cookie handling but like other minor changes a little tweak and were back to normal. For security, other internal changes are not being disclosed at this time.

WinPatrol 2013 works as youd expect and with your support Ill be adding some Windows 8 specific features as they are needed and/or suggested.

More Info l Download: WinPatrol 2013

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