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Windows 8 system image


karib    0

I want to take a system image in windows 8.

I have problem taking it.

Some questions about it, either it functions well or not:

-Does this feature actually works or not?

-Does it take image of everything in my system? I mean my windows settings, applications, custom preferences, personal files etc.

-If I ever need to restore an image, will I have completely my windows machine back?

-Or is it only a backup with limited features?

Now I should describe the problem.

First of all, it cannot take backup to usb stick, eventhough it is bigger size than the occupied size of the hard disk.

Because of this, I have to use external hard disk, because I want to take a system image of a laptop.

Neither works too!

See the screenshots for yourself.

Why this happens?

If I try to take the image in dvds, at the end, even though I want to avoid this mess, can I copy them afterwards to an external hard disk as separate folders (named like 'dvd1' dvd2' etc) to keep them there? I guess I can, but my question is if this strange windows backup procedure, will read these separated image sections that I would have copy to hard disk from dvds.

My question is about restoration. I do not want to keep a dozen of dvds for the system image. Even if I do it, I want it to be temporary. But, what happens If I ever need to restore them?

Of course, the best solution it would be to take an all in once system image to the external hard disk, but I didn't manage it.

No usb stick usage, no external disk too. Usability goes away dear microsoft.

I hope I can get some help from you about this problem and finally manage to take a system image.







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TPreston    5,389


Get rid of the system reserved partition using

bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

then you can mark the main partition as active and delete the systemreserved

Then any disk imaging software will work and you can restore the image to different computers

All it needs to do is create a partition > mark it as active > Format > dump the files.

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