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iPhone 4S Unlocked Prepaid Plans

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Crazysah    6


So my sister has an at&t unlocked iPhone 4S that I bought her in december last year and she uses it in India. She is now coming to New York and wants to buy a prepaid SIM to use in that phone for a month.

So, what is the cheapest/best prepaid plan she can get? With data and then without data? I need prices of both.



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Shadrack    601

I would recommend StraighTalk as well. You will need to order a SIM, however. The $30/mo cards offer 30MB. I recommend if you go that route to just switch off "Cell Data". I don't think they can charge you overage though.

Additionally there is AT&T GoPhone and T-Mobile Pre-Pay will also work. Noteworthy: I think iPhone on T-Mobile in the USA will be limited to 2G data speeds. AT&T GoPhone is nice because your prepaid minutes are good up to 3 months I think. You can go as cheap as $15 for AT&T GoPhone. A voice minute costs 10 cents, and a text message costs 10 cents so you can use any combination of those until the money runs out. Their data isn't very competitive, but I think it is $15 for 200MB.

AT&T GoPhone will not send you a microsim, however. So if you go that route, you will have to go buy a cheap AT&T GoPhone from the store, pull out the SIM and then trim it for the iPhone (to be compatible with a microsim slot). I think you can get a cheap AT&T GoPhone for $25, and that comes with a $15 activation card (I think).

With StraightTalk you will spend $15 to get the SIM card and they have to mail it to you with an activation card.

Honestly, I think StraightTalk is the better overall deal (best bang for buck). AT&T is the cheapest.

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