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Win7 Language Bar - Not Opening

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IncurableGeek    0

I have been using the Japanese and Chinese IME since the mid 90's. Nary a problem.

Present System:

1) Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

2) Das mechanical keyboard - dual USB connects

Now I have written about 100 pages of Japanese in the past couple of years without a single problem, so I do know how to use the language bar.

After Reinstall of Windows 7

Bizarre Problem: Neither left-click nor right click open the Language Bar. Only by hitting Alt/Shift can I switch between the EN icon (English) and the JP icon (Japanese). But that is all. The language bar does not open, so that I can change settings, input method, output, etc.

The only possible problem that I can see, the only "variable" that is, would be the Das mechanical keyboard. In the past I used traditional Logitech wireless keyboards (membrane/dome switch).

Feel free to tell me I am suddenly doing something really stupid. Not a problem. My feelings have been hurt by professionals. :(

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