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Multiple 2008 R2 Terminal Servers - Reoccuring related probs SSO & RDSM

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jking_84    0


This problem has been slowly chipping away at me for a while now. I need help!

Since these servers were last rebuilt, am having to reboot to fix one every week or so.

We have several Win2K8R2 VM's running as dedicated session host terminal servers.

For some bizzare reason, every week or so the Remote Desktop Services Manager won't show us all of the currently logged on users - It shows some active sessions, but not all (see image below).

  • Checking the Users tab of the Windows Task Manager mirrors this problem (even when logged on with admin account) and only shows a handful of active sessions.
  • Looking at the Processes tab shows all the right information though, and lists off all the running processes and all the current usernames using them.

(These two dot-points remain true when logging into the machine via Hyper-V manager console).

  • Also, RDSM shows this at the time:



  • Also, at the same time, Single Sign-On seems to fail and RDP (mstsc) and Thin Client (WTOS) users are prompted twice for their credentials when logging on.

This is affecting several servers, not all at once, but individually and randomly on each one (or sometimes two) over time.

Rebooting the server resolves the problem entirely for a while, but eventually the issue returns and is becoming a pain to schedule reboots in a three-shift 24/7 environment.

Has anyone seen this problem before?? My poor battered keyboard apprieciates your assistance!

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sc302    1,434

The only time that I have seen something like this happen it was due to some software that was loaded on that was never designed to be in a vm environment. We figured out a way to put it on. Everyone who came on after this person put this on assumed it was a virus or some sort of antivirus issue with Terminal Services...because of the lockups I rebuilt the terminal server environment but didn't put all of the software back on it, the minute that I put it this pos software on (had to be licensed and didn't get the license from the vendor for over 6 months) the issue reoccurred. It was a very specific app for the environment I was working in to make a sound when an alert popped up in a custom software, uninstalled the alerting software and magically the issue went away.

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