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Chrome Extensions & Address Bar

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+longgonebn    74

Hey guys,

I am a big Chrome user (used to be a big Firefox user) with 50 extensions, and apps etc.

One thing that starts to get hard to maintain is the main bar, where all the icons show up beside the address bar. I have a few extensions that actually put there menu/icon on/inside the address bar. For example, I am using a Pocket extension, where the button to add to pocket is within the address bar.

Just wanted to come here and ask if anyone knows of anymore that they use that do this?

Take up much less space this way.

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iron2000    21

The icon being in the address bar or outside the address bar is being coded into the extension.

There is no way for a user to move an icon into the address bar.

Anyway, Google recommends having the icon in the address bar if the extension has to do with the current page (page action).

Those to the right of the address bar are more of a general type of extension (browser action).

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