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Leave sent emails on server for 1 day

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Sandor    436

The company I work for manages email for our clients via a 3rd party hosting company. The generic way in is via for which client it is. It's running off Squirrelmail.

Most clients however use Outlook on their PCs and one of them asked if it was possible to set either SquirrelMail or Outlook (2007) to only leave copies of sent messages on the server for a specific length of time - eg 1 day.

I know there are settings that seem to relate to incoming mail so that it is deleted off the server when received but does anyone know of any settings in either Outlook or SquirrelMail that relate to Sent Items. The issue is the client never really uses SquirrelMail so sent items accumulate on the server and eventually start clogging it up (only has 100MB quota).

Perhaps it's a simple thing I'm missing or perhaps it isn't possible.


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+Gary7    7,369

It is in settings/account in Outlook. Just look for the setting for outgoing messages.

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