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Windows Phone 8 labeling most music I upload as 'unknown artist'

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Anthony Tosie    203

I've spent the past two or three hours trying to figure out why my Windows Phone 8X is listing the majority of music I try to upload to it as coming from an "unknown artist." I've checked multiple times, and the tags are good in iTunes, Zune and every other music player I've tried. I went into Foobar to see if there was any difference between the tags for artists/albums it's listing properly, and there wasn't any major difference.

So I went ahead and made the tags both ID3v1 and ID3v2 (previously they were just v2, but I saw some of the music I had that's showing up properly had v1 as well). Nothing. Then I tried rebuilding the MP3 stream. Nothing. Foobar says the image art is attached correctly, yet that's not showing up on my 8X, either.

I've tried uploading the music from my Surface using the Metro client and my desktop using the beta desktop client. Nothing worked.

For some reason the track numbers and track titles are showing up correctly, but nothing else is.

Please tell me someone has a fix to this... I'm about to lose it.

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ACTIONpack    378

same issue here, i just use music pass

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