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win7 Windows 7 Network Issue

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Before you all say it is my router, it is not. I can connect to any other computer to any computer. Rather Linux or Windows.

The issue I am having on my father's computer is that It can not detect any of my computers on my network, or my NASBox. He's running Win 7 HP.

So I looked into his Network Settings. I looked into the advanced settings and saw that network discovery was off. Turned that on. Still can't see any other system on the network. So I look back into advanced settings, it was turned off once again.

Is this some sort of virus? Or is his computer just saying no? I looked into his AV/FW, no blockage. Windows FW is off.

Any ideas?

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First thing is to remove the driver and reboot and let windows reinstall. You did not mention if it was wired or wireless, it could be a hardware issue with whatever adapter is in the PC.

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Can you get out to the internet with your fathers computer?

Can you ping IP's of local devices from your fathers computer?

Can you browse local devices using IP addresses?

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I swear I wrote desktop. Yeah, its wired. I don't think its a hardware issue, as it can see other computers, just not through networking.

And I can get on the Internet, I can ping to other systems on the network fine, I haven't ever connected with IP except in Linux.

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"computer is that It can not detect any of my computers on my network"

So you can not ping the other computers IPs? Or do you mean they just do not show up in the computer browser list - which is completely and utterly a waste of time just eye candy to use.

And has NOTHING to do with actual access to the other computers shares btw

First thing - drop to a cmd prompt, ping another computer by host name of that computer? Does it resolve to IP, is the IP correct - does it return answer to the ping. If resolves - but does not ping most likely software firewall on that device does not allow ping.

But to fix your browse list - who is the master browser on your network is the biggest thing to know!! So for example on my network its

LANscanner v1.3 - ScottiesTech.Info

Scanning LAN...

I5-W7 18-03-73-B1-0D-D3 LOCAL


You can grab that free tools here

You can verify that with simple nbtstat -A command

C:\Windows\system32>nbtstat -A


Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name Type Status


STORAGE <20> UNIQUE Registered

STORAGE <00> UNIQUE Registered

LOCAL <00> GROUP Registered

LOCAL <1E> GROUP Registered

LOCAL <1D> UNIQUE Registered

..__MSBROWSE__.<01> GROUP Registered

MAC Address = 00-0C-29-57-41-D5

And yes its verify import to know if this is wired or wireless.. Many routers can block client to client communication over wireless, AP Isolation, WLAN Isolation, etc.. This could cause issues in the browse list for sure.

Here is a good doc in troubleshooting browsing issues

Troubleshooting Computer Browsing on SOHO Networks with Microsoft Windows

As to discovery being off in your sharing center - just means your computer browser service is off, and you can not be the master browser is all. Has nothing to do with seeing a browse list if there is a master browser on the network with a current list

as you can see mine is OFF, and I see the other currently on windows box on my network.


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I don't think you saw my last post in time... I can ping fine.

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And did you ping by hostname?? If so then what is your issue? Just access via


map a drive letter to your shares, etc. etc.. Browsing is just extra clicks.

Here accessing shares on my storage box


btw see my edits - discovery being off has nothing to do with accessing browselist

So which box is your master browser?

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Created an account for this answer, hope it helps.

Try checking the setting for 'Homegroup' in Advanced network settings. If you are using a homegroup, make sure the password is the same for your dad's computer. If not, make sure they belong to the same workgroup.

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I don't use Homegroup. In same workgroup.

It seems to work now. :s I did nothing. And while you can look up by computer name/IP, my dad wants to go to the network tab and see the computers and its drives.

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Well again I am going to ask this very simple question

Which machine is the master browser on your network!!

If this changes, if that machine goes offline and then there is an election - it could take up to 45 minutes for the browselist to be updated, etc.

I really suggest you read the MS document I linked to for troubleshooting it when it doesn't work

And there is another good document for understanding how it works, the troubleshooting doc goes over it as well

Computer Browsing for SOHO Networks with Microsoft Windows


Limitations of Computer Browsing

The Computer Browsing service is designed to provide an updated list of workgroups and the computers within them by using a minimum of network and computer resources. The communication that the Computer Browser service uses has the following characteristics:

  • Periodic

Messages sent to maintain the browse list are sent periodically, typically every 12 or 15 minutes. This is done to keep the network resources required for computer browsing low.

  • Unreliable

Messages typically exchanged are sent as single messages, without first establishing a connection or session for communication. This is done to keep the local computer resources required for computer browsing low.

  • Unsynchronized

The browse list that is stored on multiple browse servers in a workgroup can become unsynchronized. Therefore, a browse client that uses one browse server can display a different set of computers and workgroups than a browse client that uses another browse server.

Because the communication between servers, Master Browse Servers, Backup Browse Servers is periodic, unreliable, and synchronized, the Computer Browsing service does not provide real-time updating of the browse list. Therefore, the display of computers and workgroups on your SOHO network using My Network Places or Network Neighborhood does not necessarily reflect the actual set of workgroups and computers on your network.


From these limitations -- yeah you can have issues with it not being correct.. Wait some time with your machines on the network and your issue prob work it self out

What I would suggest is you pick a machine that is ON 24/7/365 or one that is as close to that as possible - and make that your master browser. Then turn off all the other machines from being backup browsers (disable computer browse service)

And you should be good - where you can have issues is when a machine gets turned on (laptop for example) that is not on the network yet - he says oh looks like I am the master browser!! Then when it connects it forces an election and announces hey I am the master browser..

It can cause issues with machines that come on and off the network all the time - if you want the browse list to be as stable as possible you need pick one box to be your browse master.. And turn off all your other machines that go on and off the network. This is why I have my nas be mine - its on 24/7/365, and its disabled on all my other machines. My wifes laptop that is on and off the network multiple times a day sure never needs to think its the browse master, etc.

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