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[C#] Need to figure out one thing....

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ka-la    3

its kind of hard to explain.

Im making a resorce editor program. for now I can extract resources from any file knowing only which kind of folders the resoures are in (ex. "PNG" "UIFILE") I give the program order to extract this folder and it gets all the resources and extracts into folder. So far so good. Now when I have to replace a resource comes a problem: I know how I could replace resource in file but for these I need to know what type the resource is (ex "PNG" or "UIFILE") AND which id the resource is (686, 678). There comes the problem, even tho I know the resource ID I need to determine which type is it. I was thinking creating datatable for it: ex columns resname, id, reslocation and add rows for each resource extracted and when need to replace then read the table, but maybe there is better way of doing this.

I thought that maybe something like this would solve my problem: creating table, but im not familar with tables

ID ResName ResType ResLoc
0 567 PNG C:\users....
1 587 BMP C:\users....

Hope you'll guys get the point, any help really appreciated

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ka-la    3

Managed to get it work somehow but the way im using is not very polite. Since im always extracting resources anyway I extracted these with names like "IMAGE675" and afterwards if I need to update I split the string between letters and numbers and I got ID + Type.

If anyone has better suggestion, im open for it, but for now it works.

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