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PS3 Pulse Elite Headset Review

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- I agree with this review. Touches on some parts I missed. Mostly the part about noice cancelation of the headset itself and how easy the plug and play works with PS3 and PC.

I recently got this for Christmas from my girl. I've always thought that headphones were almost all the same, and never spent more than $60 on a pair. Also, I have a full 7.1 theater surround sound setup in my house with huge speakers and tons of bass, so I never really felt like headphones would be an upgrade from what I already have. I was wrong...

These headphones are great. They pick up every little sound from what you are watching, and really do give a feeling of being in the game. The sound is crisp and clean, and you can turn it up til your ears bleed. There are tons of little sound options, with new ones being released, that only help amplify what you should hear, and further immerse you into what is on the screen. Everything is easily accessed via sliders and buttons on the headphones. There is a port to add a cord to plug this into a stereo or phone, and if you have the USB dongle in any device nearby to power it, you will get the headset to fully function with whatever you want it to basically.

The design is slick and tight. This feels like what you would expect a $150 pair of headphones should feel like. Metal, padding, plastic, and other parts are all top notch and very clean looking. The ear parts of the phone are a shiny glossy black, and really make it look nice. Holding these , you will never feel like they will fall apart or break on you. You could probably defend yourself with these :p

The mic on these headphones is also really clear. It's hidden in the left headphone, so you don't look like some telemarketer. It can pick up really soft spoken voices, while still having a very good noice cancelation for noises too far away. Everyone on PS3 and even PC says they hear me perfectly and clearly. It's so sensative though, that if you were the headphones wrong, ie: left on right and right on left, they will not hear you talk.

But what is the real kicker... is the kicker, or Bass Impact. It pulses or rumbles at certain tones. You might think, " Ehh, that's not really much." But it really is. If I was to slide the bass to max, I would probably get a headache in about 15 minutes of a shooting game, due to how strong these things can get. But when you get it to a setting that is comfortable for you, the immersion you get is incredible. If a grenade goes off near you, it almost feels like the wind is blowing against your face. As a car is coming up behind you, you start to feel it's engine. It's really something that you must try for yourself.

I would give these headphones a 10/10. They are actually so good, I'm going to get my girl a pair, as she really likes them, and the mic is much better than just the standalone PS3 mic.

Time to go Deaf! :p

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Another addition to this headset is an app on the PS3 called PEM. It's Pulse Elite Manger. It's a free app to download, and lets you change the "modes" of bass impact. They can add new modes for horror movies, techno music, hiphop, or whatever. You can only have up to 6 modes on your headset at a time. But to change them is easy, and only takes a few minutes max.

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