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Microsoft IllumiRoom (Proof-of-Concept)

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@bold - Not sure what you mean by that. Especially since that has nothing to do with my example, and the fact I do not live at my parents house makes it a moot point anyways.

My point is that projectors are nice and all but there are some conditions where they will be sub-optimal. Even if it isn't supposed to project a clear image that demonstration was in a dimly lit room bordering on dark. I doubt its designed to be used in a fully lit environment (at least at present). That being said I'm really just nitpicking.

It's designed to be used in any environment that your projector of choice is capable of working in. and as I said. most projectors today are fully capable of showing a decent picture in day time with shade filtered sunlight. not as good as in a dark room of course, but, more than good enough for this.

why not just get a large projector and give up on the televison all together.

BEcause the television is a good focal point, and has a contrast and light capacity far above that of the projectors, at least without a full size high quality screen to project on. so you use the TV as the actual focus screen, and the projector to create the ambient environment around you. be that on one wall, 3 walls or even 4.

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