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I just want to double check that I'm getting the best possible download speeds, because I'm not sure if I'm being eternally dumb or if the details page of my router is being obscure.

From the router overview page;

Transmission speed Upstream:

11007 Kbps


33023 Kbps

Line attenuation Upstream:

17.4 dB


23.9 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio Upstream:

14.7 dB


18.6 dB

And from speedtest.net;

Ping: 27ms

Download Speed 10.11 Mbps

Upload Speed 1.15 Mbps

Speedtest has been run several times, results are nearly always identical.

Now, this is where I wonder if I'm just being dumb - but isn't 33000kbps 30Mbps, and not 10?

I'm connected via a Netgear N3100 Wireless adapter. More details upon request!

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And what speeds are you paying for? Not sure the point of the question without a statement of what your suppose to be getting from your isp? Are you suppose to get 30 and 1 up or 10 and 1 up, or 20 down and 2 up?

What plan are you paying for?

Also if your suppose to get 30, are you wired to that router or wireless?

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You know, I completely forgot about the plan we're on. We were supposed to be on Swisscom Infinity but we're actually on standard, hence the 10mbit download speed and not 20mbit (apparently they don't have a tariff that offers 30 for home users, at least).

Just checked that we've only been paying for standard, too. I'll have to get it upgraded.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious!

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there you go ;)

Yeah on comcast here, and the way the limit the bandwidth is pushing different configs to your modem, so could be the same - might be capable of 30 and 10, and your just being limited to your payment plan.

Let us know if works out once you change your plan.

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