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I'm a student looking for a 27" monitor with 2560x1440 resolution for an affordable price

I found this one on ebay: link

Now they say it's not compatible with laptops but I think that's strange.

The monitor requires a DVI-D cable and a Dual link graphics card.

I have a clevo p170hm with a nvidia gtx580m.

On the page of nvidia (link) it says my card does support dual link.

My laptop has this port: linkimage

My question is will this monitor work with my laptop?

Does anyone have experience with these kinds of monitors?

Thanks in advance.

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Yup it should work, not sure why the Ebay seller is saying it wouldn't? Your laptop supports DVI-D (in fact, it looks like it has a DVI-I port) & supposedly the GPU does support dual-link which should be enough to drive the monitor.

Just make sure you have a DVI-D cable & you should be all set.

For what it's worth, Wikipedia has a good page on the different DVI specs.

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Yeah, that's DVI-I, dunno why they put DVI-D. New board I guess, they just used the same case to save money. :p

That will work fine. Ebay people are stupid sometimes.

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