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Damo R.

tv Marvel Are Still Developing 'AKA Jessica Jones'

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"Marvel is trying to set it up somewhere else. They?re looking at a lot of different possibilities. I don?t know if it?s an ABC show. It might be a cable show, really. The graphic novel is the first one that Marvel did that was meant to serve an adult audience. I toned it down a little bit for network, but it?s very, very easy to translate that into cable. Very easy. God I love that project, other than this one [Red Widow], it?s one of my favorite things that I?ve ever written."

"The graphic novel was so phenomenal that I really just wanted to bring that to the screen. It?s so raw, and I love this character that is kind of a B-level superhero. She?s not in one world or another, she?s a borderline alcoholic. She?s just a mess, but she?s driven by a need to do something greater, you know? She?s just this delicious character. Fun, you know? I?d love to write that character more, and I hope I get the opportunity."

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