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I have a ASUS RT-N66U and it isn't quite working right now.

Okay, I'll describe the problem I'm having:

Whenever I plug in and start my ASUS, only three lights come on the front. )1 and 2 and the connected to the internet light.) Strange lights because I don't have anything plugged into the first and second port, and the internet isn't even plugged in right now to it. Also, the power button doesn't light up. The reset button doesn't do anything either.. fantastic.

I was wondering if anyone has ever had this problem or knows how to do a reset of the whole device without using the actual reset button. Thanks a bunch.

Here is a picture of what my ASUS is doing right now:


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Firmware problems, have you tried loading another firmware on it at all which may of resulted in a brick.

As for resetting it, I'm not familiar with that router but in most cases you'll have to open it up and short out pins.

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I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, no form of reset helped it, until I've read about Asus's firmware update/recovery utility.

The weird part is that I haven't got to actually use the tool, as soon as I plugged it in and turned on the software, it started working, so I'm guessing your solution is somewhere there

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