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Orbis Unmasked: What to expect from next-gen

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HawkMan    5,231

So on one end you say, "PC gamign is just as good because you can use a gamepad" while on the other hand" having to use the keyboard to do all the advanced functions is of no big deal".

sorry but when I'm in the sofa or good chair playing a game, what I do NOT want to do, is pull out the keyboard to load up the Steam overlay, or to alt tab for music management, Even my tiny logitech keyboard with a pad I use on my media center, I get annoyed when I have to pull out the keyboard to do something instead of just using my remote. which is every time I switch to it right now due to a bug with MediaPortal that makes makes me have to alt+enter twice to get proper full screen again.

and I mean what about the games not on steam at all. dunno why I wrote big picture in there. Not all games are on steam.

So BO has less pixels on the console.. still looks great, still plays great, for those who like CoD... and millions prefer it on the console.

Seriously, when are you going to understand that your opinion is a SUBJECTIVE opinion, and not all people are going to agree with it. some people enjoy and like playing on other more convenient and more accessible devices.

Also while they have that many more pixels, you can't count resolution that way, the perceptible difference between resolution are at least half of the way you calculate it. While 1000x1000 is 4x the amount of pixels of 500x500, the perceptible difference makes it more like twice.

Steam starts with Windows and you can configure Big Picture mode to launch by default, turning your system into a gaming hub. Plus you have numerous additional features, like in-game screenshot functionality and game guides.

Doesn't solve the issue I actually brought up though, still needs keyboard to alt tab to other apps, like video and music, still needs keyboard fo actually interact with steam while in the game, meaning you need both the keyboard and the gamepad...

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