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We started with a vision for a better textbook: one that was interactive and engaging, one that took advantage of the opportunities afforded by new media like iPad. But we aren?t just reinventing publishing, or reinventing the book. We?re reinventing the way people learn.

Inkling began in the living room of our founder and quickly grew to a handful of designers and engineers in a tiny office in San Francisco?s startuppy SoMa district. Here, ideas and sketches were translated into a touchable textbook experience, designed to make the most of iPad.

Now, in our freshly renovated loft space in downtown San Francisco, we?re working hard to bring even more of our ideas to life with a more perfect union between left brain/right brain thinking. Every day, talented engineers and designers work closely with content and education experts to reimagine the world?s best learning material.

Our investors, too, have helped us along the way, starting with our earliest angels and growing to include world-class partners like Sequoia Capital and top publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson.


Inkling works on iPhone and iPad smile.png I definitely got my books on my iPhone now. Finally! I can ride my motor bike and have everything on my phone, instead of wearing a backpack with books or filling my bike storage with books.

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