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Need help choosing between two lower end phones

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  1. 1. Which phone?

    • HTC Desire Z
    • LG myTouch 4G

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Here's the deal:

My cousin works at an ATT authorised dealer, and long story short, he gets free old phones all the time. I have been offered the option between the LG myTouch 4G (LGE739) or the HTC Desire Z (HTC G2).

For the most part, battery, software support, and features are pretty much the same, except for two major differences.

The E739 has a Snapdragon S2 running at 1000 mhz, whereas the Desire's Snapdragon S2 runs at 800 mhz. Likewise the max stable OC's are 1400 and 1700 mhz respectively.

The Desire is a sliding phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

I would like to do a lot of work on my phone, but I can't decide between responsiveness and typing here. Each are of equal importance to me, but I am unsure of just how much an effect the 200 mhz loss will have on my phone and whether or not it's worth the keyboard. I have not yet used a portable device with a physical keyboard.


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