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Hey guys, here is the computer in question it is about 4 years old; need to decide whether to upgrade some parts or start new.

Motherboard: ACPI x64-based PC

Processor: AMD Phenom? 9500 Quad-Core

RAM: 8GB - PC2 6400 2GB cards x4

Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT

Hard Drive: 1TB - Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 ATA

Power Supply: Ultra LSP 550W ATX

So this computer is being used for a lot of High Resolution Video Editing with Adobe products and using Twixtor, and I am noticing other computers producing better quality rendering which would be nice to be getting from this rig. Also it is used for playing Sc2 and some other games but starcraft is freezing the screen when there is a lot of units in the game. It is on the lowest settings possible... I am assuming this is the Graphics card but maybe it is just the processor?! Clearly I dont know lol.

So at this point I was hoping to get some informed* opinions on whether it is worth getting some more ram (if the motherboard can handle more than 2gb Sticks), new graphics card, and/or processor if it will fix the problem or to start investing in a new rig?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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The cause for the freezing could be multiple, perhaps the CPU is overheating or some other part is, perhaps some capacitor is busted on the motherboard, perhaps the PSU is faulty. With that PC being 4 years old, I'd replace the motherboard, CPU, ram and video card - so, a new PC basically.

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