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Driver Gives Himself The Boot To Guard Against Car Thieves

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Hum    6,930

CHICAGO (CBS) ? Car theft is too common a crime in Chicago, with more than 16,000 last year alone. One Chicago car owner took a drastic step to prevent thieves from taking his ride.

CBS 2?s Dana Kozlov tracked down a young man who was willingly clamping a Denver Boot on the front wheel of his car.

Usually drivers do anything to avoid getting the boot, which prevents a car from being able to move.

Not this guy, who we?ll call Rafal. The 20-year-old was caught on tape slapping one on his own car, and at first avoided CBS 2?s camera.

Asked why he was doing it, he said, ?so nobody steals it.?

Initially, we didn?t believe him, thinking perhaps the young driver owed the city of Chicago money for parking tickets, and was using the boot as a decoy.

But he said he didn?t have any outstanding tickets, and a check of his license plate number confirmed there were no unpaid tickets for his car, and no outstanding violations on his license.

?It?s just ? so it doesn?t get stolen around here,? he said.

He said he bought his boot on eBay.

There were more than a dozen boot locks on sale on eBay on Thursday, most of them selling for about $100.

The young man?s 1994 Acura Integra is one of the car models that are most likely to be stolen, so his investment of $100 plus was potentially a wise one.

He said he sets the boot on his car every day, even in his garage.

Rafal said he?s had a car stolen before. He also has a friend with his own boot, as well.

According to a city spokesperson, there is no ordinance outlining boot rules, so it?s not illegal.



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theyarecomingforyou    9,200

What's a "boot"? I've never heard that term used in this context before. Based on the image it looks like what we call a car clamp.

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Growled    3,880

Smart guy. I'd do the same thing. The sad part is that he has to do that to keep his car from being stolen.

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