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ActiveRoles Management Shell Help?

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Nick H.    7,970

Hi guys,

I'm trying to query our Active Directory using ActiveRoles Management Shell. A user would like me to provide a list of all users that are members of a set of groups. Let's assume that these groups start with ABC-DEF-INT and then have different endings (ABC-DEF-INT_1, ABC-DEF-INT_2 etc.). Now, I can use the following code:

Get-QADGroupMember ABC-DEF-INT_1

And I am provided with a list of all users that are members of that group. But when I use a wildcard:

Get-QADGroupMember ABC-DEF-INT*

I get an error message, telling me that ABC-DEF-INT* is an ambiguous identity. I've considered that there is a problem with my syntax (this is probably only the second time I've tried using ActiveRoles) but at the same time I can run this:


And the command runs and displays all of the groups (but obviously not the members of those groups).

As I said, I'm completely willing to agree that my knowledge with ActiveRoles is very basic, so there is probably something simple that I'm missing, but I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to explain why I can't get this command to run.

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, I should have probably mentioned that I've already tried Google and the ActiveRoles help function, but neither seem to provide me with a solution that works...

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Nick H.    7,970

Ok, I think I found it. For those that are interested (because if this does work then it's a useful command to remember) I used this:

Get-QADGroup ABC-DEF-INT*|Get-QADGroupMember|select samaccountname, firstname, lastname|export-csv C:\TEST.csv

Of course, the command is still running. There are around 20 groups for ABC-DEF-INT*, so I'm waiting to see what the output is in the csv file.

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