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Really interesting story. Quite crazy it was less than 100 years ago.

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I love Sprite. I'm addicted to Sprite. Not a day goes by where I don't drink at least 2-3 (smaller) bottles of Sprite.

Actually, I'm drinking one now :s

I used to drink Coke regularly but I hated the way it made my teeth feel and I knew how bad it was for me, so now I avoid all sugary soft-drinks. Occasionally I'll have tonic water or bitter lemon?or some cloudy lemonade on a hot summer's day?but otherwise I actively avoid the stuff.

As for tea and coffee, I know I drink more than is healthy. A while back I got addicted to the caffeine in tea and had withdrawal symptoms (I was drinking 10 cups or more a day) and then on coffee (as it was free where I used to work) but now I tend to have one cup of coffee a day (made in an Italian style espresso maker and often with frothy milk) and just a couple of cups of tea.

Personally I think that caffeine should be regulated more thoroughly, as it's clear it's addictive and I think it's dangerous to be deliberately adding it to products. I don't think caffeine is much more safe than the cocaine it replaced.

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