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Hey everyone,

I have a question that pertains to syncing sound in the post production process. I did a short film with a dual system recording for video and audio as we should. It overall gave a much better sound for the piece because we didn't have highly compress in-camera sound issues.

The whole process was a very tedious one the indeed. We had to go through and label everything. (I distributed the work to a few assistant editors to label the clips correctly.) After that, I had to manually sync each of the slates with the sound with FCP's system. It took a lot of hours, and sometimes didn't yield very good results. Such as some of the sound would never link or give a red audio visual when the track was moved to let you know it was out of sync.

I would like to know what your usual workflow is with syncing sound, if there's any specific program you use for letting the sound become auto synced, which program might be the best, and if there's any risk of compression from using these automatic programs.

I've heard of them before, but can't remember any names. I've also heard mixed opinions about using them, such as some will say they work great, others might say how poor of a job they do.

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