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Rant about Sky Boradband...

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+Byt    44

Sorry for this Rant, its been a bad month and i am very frustrated with Sky Broadband.

My service from them has been fantastic for the 12 Months i have been with them, over 15mb download speed at all times. I stream gaming footage on twitch flawlessly.

Now my relationship is gone ###### up and im moving back home, I need to cancel my Sky Broadband, i sent them an email stating that i am more than happy with Sky's service and really dont want to leave but i have no choice, im moving out of a flat and need the service cancelled.

I received a reply yesterday afternoon stating that yes, no problems at all, i can cancel, i just need to give 31 Days notice.

What else happened yesterday? My download speed has gone from 15mb+ to 1.5mb :/ and my ping has gone over 400ms, when it use to be a constant 30-40ms. It just seemed like a coincidence to me.

I spoke with a very nice Sky Agent, Raj, and he assured me my service has not been limited and no issues are showing his end at all. I refused to believe this and stated i have tried disconnecting everything on my network, just having my PC or Laptop plugged in via a network cable directly to the router and it still sucks.

I can reboot my router and get the speed back, but within 5mins, it shoots back down to 1.5mb again, playing games is impossible with the ms at 400+. This went on all afternoon and evening / night.

I spoke to a manager this morning and he put me on hold for 15minutes, after that he said everything should be back to normal now and asked me to run a speed test... low and behold its now back to normal speed and ive been at this speed for over 2 hours now.

It just frustrates me when companies limit your usage when they know you are leaving them. I never missed any payments for my Sky packages, i am a good customer, i have their highest unlimited package.

I feel better now :) Thank you for letting me vent :)

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Livin in a box    54

TalkTalk did the same with us when we were moving to Sky Broadband. I was getting 1.7MB/s then they capped it at 200kb/s. I rung them to try and make my last week of their broadband actually useful but their awful customer service didn't seem to know what I was talking about, and in the end I just gave up and accepted it.

It's just their way of saying f*** you :p

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