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Jonny Wright    13

So the other day I was just tinkering on the computer, not really doing anything productive and thought I would take a trip down memory lane and revisited some old posts on Neowin. It actually turned out to be quite "interesting" (some may not agree and I don't blame you!) seeing how far people thought we would have progressed in the past 10-15 years and how far we have actually progressed.

I have quoted some of the bits that stuck out for me;

My point exactly that's why I added the "+" symbol at the end. Who knows maybe in 10 years I'll have 24GB RAM ;) Then again there maybe something else invented by then.
Pocket PC's...hehehe, they may even incorporate a GeForce 4 128MB with a Pentium 5 11GHz CPU

Both quotes are from the thread "Just How Much Ram Do We Need?" Started in August 2001.

I also stumbled upon the thread "Hard Drive Size". Reminiscing back on how much HDD space we used to survive on. Most of the posters seemed to be around the 50GB-100GB mark, one lucky guy was even boasting 200GB!

I could go on and on about all the random ancient posts I was looking at but I won't. In seriousness though it really is quite amazing how far and fast computers and computing have progressed in recent years. Who knows what we will be working with 10 years from now. I for one am looking forward to finding out!

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Growled    3,880

I don't any of us could have even come close to imagining how far computers would come way back then.

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