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Disappointed with Samsung customer service

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spikey_richie    174

So Saturday before last (26/1) I was using my Galaxy S II on Skype, talking to a friend in the USA. Come about 10:30pm I went to bed, and put my 'phone on charge in the kitchen, same as most nights. Sunday morning I go downstairs, and there's a crack about 1.5" long from just above the volume up key, over to the left of the front camera across the front of the screen. After a quick Google, it seems there is an unrecognised (by Samsung) fault where the PCB can flex when the battery gets hot, and force the screen cover to crack.

So I log it with Samsung online, and they respond with the following:

I?m sorry you are experiencing issues with your Galaxy SII. I can understand your frustration about this as it has developed a crack.

It is in our interest to attempt to repair a device wherever possible, within the warranty guidelines. Please note that our warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Devices that have physical damage, liquid or moisture damage, or devices that have been tampered with are not covered by our warranty. You will have to pay for any work carried out on your device. Please contact our service centre directly in order to obtain a quote for the repair of your device.


101-114 Holloway Head

Birmingham B1 1QP

Telephone: +44 (0)121 616 7209

You can read more information about our warranty policy at the following link:

So I've called Intercity telecom, every day for the past week... and have had no answer.

Today I called Samsung, and after an 8 minute wait the 'phone was answered by Anne who asked me for my name, and then hung up. Another 10 mins later and I'm through to another operative, so I ask her to tell Anne to not hang up on people... she tells me they've been having phone problems all day, and she's sure Anne didn't mean to hang up on me. BS. Anyway I go on to tell her the story so far, and straight off she starts telling me about out of warranty repairs. Clearly there is something wrong with the device if it randomly develops a crack on the screen!

Anyway she has now put me on to Anovo, and guess what? When I call them, there's no answer. Switchboard just rings and rings, and option 2 for Samsung direct customers is a dead line.

Looks like I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and go through my insurance.

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