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Windows_8_Guest    0

This may sound really awkward, but the name really states it all.

I am looking for a directory structure to windows really or Windows 8 main parent, to improve the windows 8.

Found the site by your regular search engine and the works are scattered. :(

I need site references. :(

DNS errors are annoying on windows 8 Enterprise or Professional. Code 105 and I even tried that of Microsoft suggestion and such. I did the command-line.

It is annoying where-ever I look I cannot find stuff for my system. :(

Looking through each one helps. But then again I am new to programming.

I mainly want to know the folder structure to windows. :D

Had experience with Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional.

I found no main difference because I do not know if I have an updated version of pro or a scratch.

Chances are it is scratch.

Mostly it could be a scratch or windows 8 in the making before the retail was released to the public.

I do like the metro but I do not understand why surveys will not work for downloads for sites like File-Ice or other surveys = stupidity of the internet.

The only way to get stuff is from another country or download and that is just wrong. = They will not support the US. And stupid law issue developments toward that of copyright issues which is such a load of heck and stupidity.

Yes, have activated my copies legally knowing that I owned one or had both on the machine. Got one through a school offer.

(Problems with Microsoft involve a worldwide situation of who to contact for help and situations.)

So here I am and I found this forum by searching really hard for it. :(

(Currently trying to fix my Windows 8 Manually) = needs help, uh... I got my copy free. = strange. = blames Dream-spark.

(searching forums and such for anything related to Windows.)

(lost my machine and files which kept my internet line stable regardless of signal and such.)

(files associated to other programs and install moves files around issue.)

(issues involving software involves the sites like this and such knowing I could find it with only open source development.)

(needs updates for windows 8 and security patches = failure to detect issues or they cannot be found by both windows and Microsoft update)

(Does worry about folder organization... still it looks like garbage collection and noticing hey straighten the folders boot camp needed.) :(

Yes = I cannot pay for the cost so every thing is done manually by me just putting stuff who knows where.

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BeerFan    280

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Stoffel    1,810

The OP just makes no sense to me at all?

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Nothing Here    450

Which way did he go George?

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