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Sony Vaio Windows 8

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Yoeri Van de Moortel    0


I recently bought a Sony Vaio SVT1212V1ES with win8. Nice hardware, has a touchscreen i5 proc and an SSD. HW is sufficient to my needs for that machine.

BUT the HDD is 128GB which is enough ... if it only had windows installed once.

Sony has a recovery partition, oem partition and some other rubbish on it which only leaves a partition of 96GB and 75GB usable space. So I bought 128GB and get 75GB (I expected around 100GB).

My thought is to do a clean install but I don't have install media (OEM partition is on the disk) nor does the laptop have a dvd in it ... and creating recovery media requires an usb stick of at least 18GB (don't have a 16+GB stick).

Can I download an OEM version and use the win8 key? I just don't want to buy the OS again just because Sony bloated it all the way...

Any tips/advice would be welcome



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