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Poll: Violent videogames more dangerous than guns

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compl3x    6,257

I would have to assume those people have no experience with porn, just like people arguing video games make you killers have no experience with video games.

I don't get why people keep repeating the 'video games are evil and should be destroyed' FUD no matter how many times it's debunked.

Probably because they don't know a better way to keep politicians from gun laws. Heh.

A lot of it seems to hinge on this idea that it either makes normal kids violent or it makes mentally unstable kids violent.

Maybe physical sports turn kids into jocks who bully others. Competitiveness can increase aggressive behaviour which in turn some students might use against others.

Then, perhaps those bullied students pick up a gun and shoot their classmates.

In that equation games had nothing to o with it. It was social isolation and trauma from bullying.

Therefore, I argue competitive sports are more dangerous than guns.

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