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Twelvesouth - HoverBar

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Batfink    36

Review of the Twelvesouth HoverBar for the iMac

I picked up the Twelvesouth HoverBar a few months ago and have been meaning to write up a review for the Neowin community. The product promises to help you:

"Impress friends and office mates with a jaw-dropping, super futuristic, straight out of Hollywood Mac setup. HoverBar hangs iPad beside your Mac, letting you use iPad as a secondary, touchscreen computer. The flexible HoverBar arm positions iPad in a place where you can keep tabs on Twitter, stocks or partake in a FaceTime chat. As a bonus, you can use HoverBar separately to float iPad as a micro workstation, a handy kitchen mount or as a tool that elevates iPad, creating a whole new way to interact with apps."

I was simply fed up with my iPad cluttering up my desk and wanted a stand to keep it out of the way without using anymore real estate on my desk... so I thought I would give it a whirl.

The box shot:


Opening it up:


The kit:


Assembly is fairly straightforward, just screwing the arm into the clamp (you need to do this tightly) and fixing the iPad mount to the arm. The whole device is then clamped onto the back stand of the iMac.

There are some handy clips to keep the USB cable fixed to the arm and not hanging off in an unsightly manner.

All told, it took me a grand total of ten minutes to have it set up - that said, I have adjusted it a few times and had to tighten the arm into the clamp once.


I've used it daily for three months and have no complaints whatsoever, a really top quality stand for your iPad and ideal if you want to use it as a second screen for your iMac.






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