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Hi all,

I use opera/Firefox for browsing and am not happy with the way google (Chrome) deals with my privacy.

I find that in the corporate network (where I use a proxy configuration URL), all websites including yahoo and cisco websites (trusted ones) throw expired certificate errors. I have to approve the expired certificate in order to open the website every single time.

Searched around the internet for probable reasons and I have checked my computer date and time configuration. It is set correctly.

Is there a way to suppress expired certificate warnings?

I badly wish to get rid of them.

P.S. These errors do not appear in IE10. Do not know the reason why.

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In firefox you should be able to add an exception to sites you visit regularly.

Although you should read the error and see why it's failing exactly perhaps the site is not as secure as you're being led to believe.

It seems you can't disable it entirely have a look here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/275237/in-firefox-can-i-disable-the-website-certified-by-an-unknown-authority-ssl-ce

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You can't entirely disable it which is a good thing because doing so basically means ANYONE could hack the site, it's DNS or your network for example and you'd think it's all fine and dandy and wonder why all your details if not more was stolen

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"where I use a proxy configuration URL"

That is the proxy ssl cert that is expired not the website cert - have it updated and use trusted CA, or have you install the root to trust who signed their proxy ssl.

You do understand that if they are throwing you their cert, that in theory they can view your ssl based traffic.

Can you give a screen shot of the details of this ssl cert when you get the prompt about the bad cert.

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