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Mobile phone suggestion

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AlexMagik    20

Hi guys,

i come from a Samsung Galaxy S2, then iPhone 5, i already have an iPad with 3G, so i don't need another LTE/3G device, but i need a good smartphone.

My company uses Exchange 365, so it needs to be compatible, as contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, are all there.

I'm also on a Mac, so it's best (but not a must) that the phone sync movies and songs, and photos. A work around is dropbox, so i'm fine with anything anyway, for the photos.

Now, i don't like the Samsung Note2 because it's too freaking big, but also SGS3 is kinda old already. I'm thinking of a Nokia 920, because i do need a very good camera (i got a son, so there is point-and-shot most of the times), and the windows phone app on mac sync with itunes and iPhoto.

what do you guys suggest? is it the 920 a good phone with all the updates installed?

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Alexander-dude    1

You can consider the HTX 8X or the Nokia. Personally i would go for the HTC, it just feels better.

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