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Seeking advice: Gaming on HP Pavillion15-B050EL (i5 + GeForce GT630M)

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After some googling and the usual research it seems to me that the following Notebook (Sleekbook, Ultrabook, whatever) could be used even for some semi-serious gaming.

I'm not speaking about hardcore gaming or FullHD and maximum settings, but after whatching some youtube videos about the performance of the i5 paired with a GeForce GT630M it feels as this setup can be used to have quite some fun with even the more demanding games (low to medium settings obiously).

I'm writing because, honestly, it seems to good to be true, and I'm about to get one of these babies for my GF, but wanted to get some last minute input from someone else :D

Here's it:

HP Pavillion15-B050EL (Win 8)

SleekBook 15.6'' Core i5-3317U 500GB 4GB

  • Intel? Core? i5-3317U
  • Display 15,6'' / Ultra Slim
  • HDD 500GB / 4GB
  • Geforce GT630M 2GB

Thank's for reading and any advice!

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