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BSOD? on HP laptop - Help, please!

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Aquileo    23

Hello, Neowin.

I am writing this time to ask for help on fixing my Windows 8 laptop. The issue causes it to restart, 5 to 10 minutes in.

Here is some information from the Microsoft Report Service message:


This problem caused your PC to restart. You can send info to Microsoft about what went wrong...

Files that will be sent:




The Laptop model is HP Pavilion dv6-1149wm; purchased some time in Fall 2012, and I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in late December 2012.

If there is any more information that you require to help me fix this, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you in advance for looking in this thread, and for any help provided!

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DavidM    328

First thing, did everything work fine under Windows 7?

Second, there are a ton of DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BSOD floating around, a quick Google will give you quite a few to look at. Most seem to involve a driver issue, unfortunately for you, your laptop hasn't had a driver update since late 2011. Here's the HP Page for the DV6-1100 series of laptops.

The Windows Eight Forums has a few threads, you might start there.

The MSDN page here, gives the usual, but good advice.

  1. Download and install updates and device drivers for your computer from Windows Update.
  2. Scan your computer for computer viruses.
  3. Check your hard disk for errors.

Sorry, I can't be more helpful. Good Luck.

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Aquileo    23

Hey, DavidM.

Thank you for your reply! I appreciate the links that you have provided.

And, yes, everything did work fine under Windows 7.

I am going to start a thread on Windows 8 Forums, to see what they think...

Other replies on here are most certainly welcomed.

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SadJoker    15

You could always try the good old backup and wipe. Then re-install 8 and see if you still have the issue.

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