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Is the ATI 5450 good for andorid development?

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deep1234    1

Hi guys, currently have the following machine.

Intel Core i5

Gigabyte Motherboard


1.5 TB Hard drive

Gigabyte ATI 6850

Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit.

I want to change the ATI 6850 to ATI 5450 (less I know). Basicly I dont do games any more, But I am worried if it will work for my need, I need it for watching 1080p videos and to help me with the andorid development (it does not slow down when I run the emulator).

Kindly advise me.


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Slammers    114

I don't know a heap about android development but commonly in emulation it is the CPU that does most of the work.

Apparently the 5450 cannot do interlacing and post processing at the same time when playing 1080p video but your probably not using post processing anyway?

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